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What Do I Wear at Night on a Ski Holiday?

There are a lot of ways to tell if someone is new to skiing. The way they jump on and off of the ski lift. The surprise on their face when they see someone apply sunscreen in the wintry cold. The punter gap – the space between your goggles and your helmet. But the most apparent sign is someone after a day’s worth of skiing having no suitable clothes to wear in the evening!

If you don’t want to look like a complete numpty after you hit the snow and come back to one of our self-catered ski chalets in France, we say to follow our guide below and make sure you have the appropriate attire for your après-ski activities!

We’ve written before about the current big ski fashion trends on the slopes, but once you’ve gotten out of your skiing attire, you need to be in something more comfortable through the colder afternoons and evenings.

At the moment, chunky track sole boots are both very on trend and also exceptionally practical. Avoid slipping and sliding on the ice with some track sole boots – or try one with a nice long heel if you feel extra confident. Combine these with some thick thermal socks to stay warm in the frostier temperatures and you are good to go.

For both men and women, we do still recommend a stylish powder ski jacket. If you can find one you feel comfortable wearing both on the slopes and in the evening, you are onto a winner. A vibrant jacket combined with trousers in the evening is a very in-style look at the moment – try an electric blue coat with some simple black chinos for an effortless but eye-catching guise.

Or, if you are feeling adventurous, combine different retro neon colours to stand out from the crowd. This look has really come back with a vengeance in the last few years. Find something you love in a vintage store for your next budget ski holiday!

What to Wear for a Night Out

What to Wear for a Night Out

The nightlife around the slopes is utterly wonderful wherever you go, and our lodges are no exceptions. We have some fantastic bars near our Vallandry and Les Arcs, and the nightlife in many of the places you can find us is phenomenal. From live music and crazy clubs to cocktail lounges, there is something for everyone. But make sure you have dressed the part! Nothing makes you stand out more as a clueless local than traipsing into the scene wearing inappropriate attire.

First of all, do keep in mind that nothing looks sillier on a night out than being the only one wearing high heels, slipping all over the still-icy floor. And frankly, after a full day of skiing, it will be a huge relief to relax in a pair of trainers or comfy boots.

And please, we do beg you, don’t rely on a beer jacket – bring a real one! While you can wear what you like inside the bars, which are usually heated and toasty, and the walk back to the lodge is not too far, there is still a walk back to the lodge, and you will need a coat if you don’t want to freeze.

What to Wear at Night in a Ski Resort

What to Wear at Night in a Ski Resort

Ultimately, when you finally do go to sleep, your ski lodge room will remain very well heated, and you will be buried under some bedsheets to keep you even warmer. However, you might still feel the biting cold, so we do recommend you bring some pyjama vest top and trousers to sleep in so you don’t feel too chilly.

If you sometimes struggle to get to sleep as well, we recommend bringing an eye mask and some earplugs. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep, as it will be an intense day of skiing tomorrow and you don’t want to be too tired to enjoy it!

We hope our guide to evening and night wear when skiing has helped you! If you have any more tips, please leave us a message on social media – we love hearing all of your thoughts. And if you are interested in a cheap snow holiday, do get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with an amazing skiing experience.

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