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A Photographer's Guide to Serre Chevalier

The slopes of Serre Chevalier are amazing locations to photograph, even when the snow has melted at summer arrives. The luscious alpine scenery is filled with photo opportunities, and when staying at one of our catered chalets, Vallandry, you will have plenty of opportunities to head out and explore.

The region around Briançon has several fantastic places for capturing stunning shots – we have put together some of our favourites below.

Col D’Izoard

The Col D’Izoard is a regular location on the route of the Tour de France, and the peak is at the top of a winding road which takes you through forests and valleys. The natural rainbow of colour in the summer months make this a gorgeous place to capture on film, with the grassy fields, dark pine trees and coloured rocks. There are several hikes starting at Col D’Izoard, and you are sure to see some amazing wildlife along the way too.

Col de Granon

The long journey to Col de Granon is worth it for the views at the peak – on clear days you can see all the way to Italy. The mountain pass is popular with cyclists, following the narrow tarmac road on the southern approach to the top. Beyond the pass, there are gravel roads which are part of a military training area. The vistas seen along the way are incomparable, and you are sure to snap several photos as you head to the top of the pass.

Le Pied du Col

Take a detour off the main road between Briançon and La Grave to Le Pied du Col. The small village in the Alps has countless photogenic spots, from the views of the La Romanche river to the colourful dam. Getting closer to the river, the blue summer skies reflect on the water, and the water flows rapidly below. You may want to set up a tripod and while away a few hours taking lots of photos of the surrounding hills and mountains.

Col de la Pisse

When you take the ski lift from Serre Chevalier station, your camera will be out in seconds. The views from the station are breathtaking, but just by taking a short hike even further up, you will see views like no other. You may be interested in a longer hike, around one to two hours, following a marked path that takes you around the Sommet de l’Eychauda, passing by ravines and all the way to the Col de la Pisse, a rocky outcrop.

La Meije

In the village of La Grave, take a ski lift to explore the mountain La Meije. The first stage is a ravine where a waterfall runs under the glacier and sheep dot the hillside. Take the lift higher to the second stage, at 3200m and enjoy views all the way to Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe. Even in the middle of summer, you are surrounded by snow, and a giant glacier can be seen too. Every angle offers you incredible angles for the perfect photo, so you can easily spend hours up there.

Lac du Pontet

On the way back from La Meije is a gorgeous lake, Lac du Pontet. There are cows grazing on the hillside, marmots popping their heads out of their burrows and the blue water is a good spot for a dip if you fancy cooling off after a hike. The lake has become an excellent photography location due to the dazzling reflections of the surrounding snow-capped Hautes Alpes mountains.

Vallandry, Serre Chevalier and Les Arcs are not just perfect skiing spots, as there is plenty to do when snow isn’t covering the mountains completely. Take a look at our previous blogs for inspiration on how to spend your time here during the summer months, such the spectacular sports you can do.

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